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Support and Disaster Recovery Services

HMI Claims Hotline (877) 406-3232

Through its national network that includes over 2,500 fully credentialed tree crews and 1,500 certified arborists, HMI offers the insurance industry a wide range of services that support claims involving damage to, or from, trees, shrubs, turf, landscaping, golf course features (e.g. fairways, greens, sand traps, tee boxes, etc) and hardscapes. Below is a description of some of the services we offer.

Emergency Tree Removals

HMI is the only national network of fully credentialed tree crews, over 95% of which have been accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). TCIA’s accreditation process goes beyond audits for insurance, licensing, safety training and financial stability and includes compliance with customer communication, documentation and fair pricing standards. Together, HMI and its national network provide our insurance company clients 24 hour, 7 day per week response. HMI has responded to tens of thousands of emergency tree removal claims across the country. We have also deployed hundreds of crews to respond to our clients’ needs following CAT events.

Some of the benefits of HMI’s emergency services are:

  • Rapid response and professional tree removal. Our crews are trained to safely and efficiently remove trees in a manner that eliminates or minimizes the risk of additional damage to property.
  • Detailed estimates that provide our clients with the information they need to 1) establish coverage, and 2) pay a claim quickly and accurately.
  • Each company in HMI’s network is required to have certified arborists on staff to correctly scope the work plan, making certain the appropriate equipment and manpower is utilized and that the price is fair. These arborists can also be used to provide cause-of-loss opinions to support possible subrogation claims.
  • Deployments of out-of-area crews to support emergency tree removal requirements following CAT events. In some cases, crews can be assigned exclusively to a specific insurance carrier. Contact HMI for more information about this service.

Consultative Services

HMI’s treeClaims® service group represents the only national resource for consultative services that assist insurance adjusters with claims involving trees, shrubs, turf, etc. HMI has assisted adjusters with claims on residential, golf course, hotel/resort, shopping center, municipality, cemetery and other properties covering a wide range of perils such as; wind, flood, ice/snow, freeze, fire, vandalism, negligence, vehicular damage, chemical overspray, soil contamination and more.

Below is a list of services and benefits we provide our clients:

  • HMI publishes inspection reports that have been purposed specifically for insurance claims
    resolution. We make certain that the information HMI provides will enable quick and accurate
    resolution of your claim. HMI reports can include a comprehensive inventory of damaged plants
    including the type, size, location, description of damage, salvage ability, costs to replace, remove
    and/or repair (costs can be adjusted for sub-limits if requested),
  • HMI’s arborists are experts in identifying the primary cause of damage to trees, shrubs, turf, etc. for purposes of establishing available coverage and potential liability.
  • HMI’s arborists can determine if a damaged plant needs to be removed or if it will recover with treatments. They can also establish the correct costs to remove and/or repair them. The cost to
    treat and/or repair a tree may be less than removing and replacing it, saving money and reducing
    the time it takes a property owner to recover from the damage.
  • Through HMI’s network, a full range of services are also available to assist in your clients’ recovery from damage. The services include, but are not limited to: Pruning, removal, cabling, installation, pest/disease control, lightning protection, wildfire mitigation (in select markets), lightning protection and a range of services on golf course features such as fairways/turf, greens, sand traps and tee boxes.
  • HMI maintains a data base of over 1,000,000 wholesale plant prices which enables us to provide average replacement costs on over 10,000 different types of trees and shrubs. HMI has standardized plant pricing on a national level, in a manner similar to the Kelley Blue Book. Using our network of certified arborists to collect the necessary field data, HMI offers our clients the quickest, most accurate and efficient solution available for establishing replacement costs on trees and shrubs.

*For large projects, HMI may be able to provide its services anywhere in the continental U.S.

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